My Colorful Personality - 2010
Collage Drawing

This was the first art project I did this year. I think it is good and shows my ability to shade. I enjoyed doing it because it displayed my personality and was really open to what I wanted to do with it. It shows my knowledge of the ability to shade and to create a focal point. It shows my hobbies and the things I like and enjoy in life, which therefore makes it sort of an uplifting piece.


In My Youth - 2010
Scribble Drawing

This was my second art project. It was definitely something that challenged me, but also something I succeeded in doing well. I used a pencil to sketch it out first. Then I used a circular motion in different shades with a pen. I did this by only filling in shapes with different shades and not making lines or outlining anything. The picture does not look good when you look at it up close. However, it looks pretty good when you step back and look at it.


Lights from the North - 2010
Watercolor Painting

I was not too familiar with watercolor before this project. It taught me to step out of my comfort zone and still succeed. I used both wet on wet and wet on dry for this project. I mainly used wet on wet for the sky and water and wet on dry for the land. Once I found something to do my painting on the rest was not as hard as I thought it was going to be. At the end of my project, I went back and brightened the colors in the sky and on the water so you could see them better.


Struggling - 2010
Collage Painting

I liked doing this project because it was something different and totally new. Something I learned is to not put too much paint on a background that you want to be able to see when you paint over it. Before I did anything I had to draw the brain. Then I found some words from a newspaper that matched the description of my topic, which was disabilities. Then I cut them out and pasted them on in the shape of the brain. I also liked that we got to use word descriptions for further understanding of the topic of the project.


Looking Down the Hall - 2010
Hallway One Point Perspective

This project wasn't very difficult, but it took me a while to do because of all the detail and shading. This was an interesting project because everyone drew the same hallway, but each person's drawing looked different. This was because everyone had a different view, interpretation, and detail of the hallway. I had already done a one-point perspective drawing in the past, but this was a little more difficult because of all the detail in the drawing.


Endangered - 2010
Pencil Free Choice

I enjoyed doing this project and really like how it turned out. I chose to draw a panda because that is my favorite animal. I also think that the dullness of the background makes the panda pop out a lot more. Something really cool and fun that I had never done before is "draw with the eraser." With my eraser I highlighted some of the edges and even the middle to make the pencil strokes look more like fur. The pencil strokes you can still see are mainly on the dark parts of the picture. I think these add a lot of uniqueness to my picture.


What a Clown - 2010
Watercolor Sample

This was a very simple projec,t but I really enjoyed doing it. It isn't perfect, but I like how you can see the different shades of brown in the background. I am also glad that almost instantly you are able to tell I made a fish. It is sort of diffficult to tell what the brown background and black strings are though. You can also still see some of my pencil lines. I used wet on wet for everything on this project. Something that I could definitely improve on would be my ability to fade colors together.